What is the best part of Summer?
What is the best part of Summer?
Spending it at Redwood Swim Club. Plan now to make the most of your Summer. Redwood Swim Club is the place to be.
What can you do in March, April or May that will make your Summer the best ever?
What can you do in March, April or May that will make your Summer the best ever?
Get a Membership to Redwood Swim Club. Then relax and make the most of your Summer.
Relax this Summer at Redwood Swim Club.
Relax this Summer at Redwood Swim Club.
Make plans now to refresh and relax this summer at Redwood Swim Club. Enjoy the benefits of a private swim and tennis club.
Redwood from Above
Redwood from Above
Redwood Swim Club is conveniently located at 8560 Ravenna Road in Twinsburg Township and is easily accessible from Aurora, Hudson, Twinsburg, and surrounding communities.
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MEMBERSHIP FEES: Membership fees are listed in a table near the bottom of this webpage. Links for a 2016 membership application and registration form are also included on this page.

SWIM LESSONS & FEES: Private and group swim lessons are available for children ages three and up. Fees for 2016 are $25 per child for one week of small group lessons (or, $6/lesson for less than one week). Although management will work to keep you informed of scheduling issues, management reserves the right to cancel a class or classes at any time and without prior notice. Enrollment, weather and staffing are among possible causes for a class or session to be canceled. Times and dates are subject to change. Refunds are issued solely at management’s discretion.

SWIM TEAM & FEES: The fee for the swim team is $95.00/child ($85 for each additional member in the same family), and payment arrangements must be received by June 15. Payments received after June 15 are subject to a $10.00/child surcharge. Anyone interested in trying the team has until June 15 to practice at no cost. If no payment arrangements are made by June 15, then coaches may remove the swimmer’s name from the roster. Times and dates are subject to change.

TENNIS LESSONS & FEES: Tennis lessons at Redwood Swim Club are being planned. More information will be included on this website. Lesson dates, times and fees are subject to change.

GUEST FEES: New Guest Pass options will be available for 2016.  Prices subject to change without notice. Children age two or younger are admitted at no charge if the child’s guardian is present as a paying adult guest. Sales tax is included in the fee. Fees are sometimes discounted due to weather or other considerations.

REFUNDS: A thirty-five dollar ($35.00) processing charge is deducted from the refund of membership fees. Full refund, less processing fee, is available through May 31. After May 31 through June 20 refunds are prorated for the number of days remaining in the swim season, which ends Labor Day. Refunds after June 20 are solely at management’s discretion. After a refund is issued, any request for readmission for a subsequent season will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Unless otherwise noted, Team and Lesson fees are non-refundable; however, payments for such programs may be credited to your account at management’s discretion. All refunds and credits issued are for programming or service days following the date on which the request for a refund is received. TERMS & FINANCE CHARGES: Payments due upon receipt. Effective October 1, 2001 a finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% per year) will be charged on account balances over thirty (30) days old from date of statement.

 Click Here to Download the 2016 Application and Registration Form

Twinsburg Township Residents ... Redwood Swim Club is a partner with Twinsburg Township's Tone Up Program.

Click Here to Download the Twinsburg Township's Tone Up Program Application
Full Season and Limited Use Passes are sold to one or more members of an immediate family living in a common household. Please do not hesitate to call Redwood for assistance or for clarification of the membership categories.


Total Fee when paid in full by MAY 31, 2016

(sales tax included)


Total Fee when paid in full by JUN 30, 2016

( sales tax included)


when paid in full beginning JUL 1, 2016

(sales tax included)

ADULT PASS: ONE ADULT age 21 or older only, no children* $ 180 $ 189 $ 216
ADULT COUPLE: Pass for TWO ADULTS age 21 or older only, no children $ 295 $ 310 $ 354
TEEN/YOUNG ADULT #1: Pass for ONE person age 13-20*   $ 160 $ 168 $ 192
TEEN/YOUNG ADULT #2: Pass for two siblings ages 13-20*     $ 285 $ 299 $ 342
TEEN/YOUNG ADULT #3: Pass for three siblings ages 13-20* $ 395 $ 415 $ 474
SWIM TEAM ONLY PASS: Includes Team fee* $ 180 $ 189 $ 216
FAMILY PASSES**,***,****      
ONE PARENT & INFANT PASS: One parent with children less than age two*** $ 180 $ 189 $ 216
TWO PARENTS AND INFANT PASS: Both parents with children less than age two*** $ 295 $ 310 $ 354
PARENT & CHILD PASS: for ONE PARENT and ONE CHILD age two or older, no infants** $ 295 $ 310 $ 354
FAMILY PASS #1: For families with one child age two or older*** $ 395 $ 415 $ 474
FAMILY PASS #2: For families with two children age two or older*** $ 485 $ 509 $ 582
FAMILY PASS #3: For families with three or more children age two or older*** $ 565 $ 593 $ 678

REVISED LIMITED USE MEMBERSHIP PASS:  $75 for the first family member & $45 for each additional family member, PLUS a daily guest fee per member per visit. Watch for more information on the website or call for more details. Management confirmation required.

* TEENS: Passes for children ages 13-20 are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Typically, minors must have a record of personal responsibility and adequate aquatic skills. Children under age thirteen usually need a parent or guardian (possibly an older sibling) as a member also, as management deems necessary.

** CHILD CARE: One childsitter may be included at no additional charge with a fully paid FAMILY PASS. Arrangements for childsitters should be made in advance.

*** FAMILY PASSES ONLY: Infants in the immediate family born 01 January 2014 to present may be included as members at no additional charge with the purchase of a Family Pass.

**** SINGLE PARENT HOUSEHOLDS: With management's consent, an additional guardian may be included, or $35.00 may be deducted from the Family Pass fee.

***** PRORATED: At management's discretion, passes for the season remainder may be available, usually beginning July 1st. Generally, undiscounted fee is prorated based upon a one-hundred day season.

Moving?: Prorated passes are available to members moving into or out of the local area. Advance arrangements must be made. Please call for details.

TWINSBURG TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS: [Click Here to check out the 2016 Township's Tone-Up Program], or call for more information.

  • Members in good standing have the privilege of bringing non-member guests to swim, play tennis or sunbathe at Redwood Swim Club.
  • The daily guest admission fees are: $7.00 for persons age thirteen (13) or older and, $5.00 for children ages three (3) through twelve (12).
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. Coupons and other discounts may be offered to members at the management's discretion.
  • Guest children age two (2) or younger are admitted at no charge if the child’s guardian is present as a paying adult guest.
  • Adult non-swimming guests will be charged $5.00. At management's discretion, non-swimming grandparents may be admitted at no charge.
  • Lunch-only or dinner-only guests of members who remain dressed in "street clothes" are admitted at no charge.
  • The management of Redwood Swim Club reserves the right to restrict the admission of any guest, the number of guests and the frequency of any given guest's visits.
  • An adult host member is requested to be present at the admission of their guest(s) unless prior arrangements are made.
  • The host member is fully responsible for the actions and behavior of his or her guest(s); the host member must assure proper registration is made and fees are paid for his or her guest(s).
  • Any requests for discounts and accommodation for larger groups of guests (generally six or more), or requests for discounts for extended visits must be arranged and negotiated prior to the arrival of the guest(s) and are at the sole discretion of the management.
  • In the absence of the member parents, one child-sitter may be admitted free of charge. The member parents must confirm with Redwood Swim Club in writing the employment of the child-sitter for a minor child member.
  • Any other guest or visitor situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis and are at the sole discretion of the management.
  • If you have any further questions, please call Redwood Swim Club at (330) 425-7575.